Transfer transducer

CEH Transfer Transducer Types in Torque and Force are unsensitive to humidity and temperature! We make your calibration equipment traceable.

  • Torque transfer transducer Type TTt calibrated according to DIN 51309 standard
  • Measurement ranges 0.2 to 200 N·m
  • Suitable as reference transducers and transfers for comparison measurements for verifying high-precision torque calibration systems
  • Torque transfer key type TTW calibrated according to DKD-R 3-7
  • Measurement ranges from 2 to 3,000 N·m
  • Suitable for verifying torque key calibration systems (DSKE)
  • Measurement ranges also possible according to customer specification
  • Force transducers compatible with commercially available aluminum profiles. Fixed in place with a screw
  • Suitable for constructing machine elements such as roll bearing arrangements, pneumatic grippers etc.
  • Nominally rated forces from 1 to 2,000 N