Air bearings

The development, production and application of air bearings in torque calibration systems is one of the core expertises that CEH – Calibration Engineering Hohmann is proud of, enabling the best possible calibration with the most precise measurements involving torques.

This is because the air bearings we use – both in mobile and stationary torque calibration systems or torque wrench calibration systems (DSKE) respectively – enable measurement and calibration completely without any measurable friction. As a result, you have the best conditions for precise measurements with the minimum possible tolerances and disruption factors. Since we integrate the air bearings into our mobile and stationary torque calibration systems, we provide you with maximum flexibility.

This ensures that your problems with torque measurement and calibration will be a thing of the past – not only in your own laboratories, but also directly on-site. Do you have any questions about our air bearings? We would be delighted to inform you!